keeping up with asia.

 Keeping up with Asia There are certain things that the government of the United s of America has todo or to continue doing in order to keep up their relationship with the Asian nations. The United States has been dominating Asia since the Second World War doing things that some favors the people of Asia and others are criticized by the Asian governments (Sutter, P 68). As a student I chose to work on this essay because it discusses an issue that is facing me currently. As a student, the relationship between the United States and Asia would enhance my education and working in future.

This essay is peer reviewed because it meets some requirements for an essay to be peer reviewed. First the article of the essay has a website to mean that it is sponsored by a scholarly association. The essay has also an introduction to what it is all about and a literature review. The essay has an abstract at the beginning of the essay and the author (Millis, P76). These are the features that make the essay peer reviewed.

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The essay claims that among the two political parties in the United States of America, most Asians favor the Republican Party over the Democrats. It is believed that the Republican Party is tough and strict on security and very serious on its anti-communist credentials. The party is a party of free trade while the Democratic Party is taken to be a party of protectionists. The author believe so because when the democrat party was leading they were never concerned with the economic issues of Asia but on the coming of Bush and Barrack Obama with the Republic party changed and supported the economic status of the continent (Funabashi, P115).

In the essay, the author uses the toulmin method since he argues over certain things in the essay. The author argues an issue that was asking the United States of America to withdraw their troops in Iraq. The author argues that it was of benefit to the Asian countries and Iraq in specific hence improving their relationship in the fight against terror.

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