Key Factors for Successful Projects

Leadership has many definitions and it seems that there is no real consensus on exactly what comprises leadership. Despite this lack of a definition on which everyone can agree upon, the general opinions given by business professionals and analysts such as Welch (2005), Byrne (1998) and Gardner (1995) have several common points with the definition given by House (2004) who states that leadership is, “The ability of an individual to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the organizations of which they are members (House, 2004, Pg. 15)”.

The importance of leadership is directly related to successful projects because it connects with the idea of creating trust in the guidance of the project leader. This creation of trust and making the employees believe in the leadership of the leader is a trait of the leader since it requires the leader to possess the ability to motivate employees in a transparent manner without using coercion to show that the viewpoint of the leader is the correct one (House, 2004).

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Key Factors for Successful Projects
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According to Welch (2005), the idea of transparency in leadership means being completely honest with the employees about everything. going from their quarterly evaluations to the company’s annual financial reports, the leader has to create trust. It also requires the leader to be good with oral and written communications, be diplomatic and tactful as well as present his/her case to a group of peers or close subordinates when they do not agree with the decision or are hesitant at making tough calls (Gardner, 1995).

Gardner (1995) and DePree (1989) suggest that for projects to be successful, leaders should set an example for the employees that they can emulate. This example depends on a complex yet the close connection between the leader and the employees where the employees try to create the same qualities and abilities within themselves as the leader shows possession of.

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