kitchen arrangement

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the kitchen arrangement. The colors invoke the emotions of the potential client and draw him or her to the designer’s intended point of view.

The second part of the colors reminds the reader that the greenness will disappear eventually. To the reader, this strikes his memory to comprehend that the stability enjoyed will end at a certain point in life (Warren, 2002, 171). It is clear that the clarity of the appeal comes from the flow of this statement and that the reader will start thinking in the line of savings.

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kitchen arrangement
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t is good to comprehend here that the kitchen arrangement represents an aged person committed to helping her wife as opposed to sending her to a care village. This part of the kitchen arrangement centers on the emotional and imaginative functions.

It is difficult to think about savings for people especially when they have a constant flow of income. However, the kitchen arrangement induces the reader to think in line with savings using the words below the colors and appearing in the middle of the advert (Stockwood and Spiro 29).

Following the emotional appeal that at one point time the financial stability enjoyed by the reader will disappear, the next statement reminds the reader that a big heart can save what would be lost, and the stability will last forever.

This work is assigned to specific people with the knowledge in design who may be painters but it also a responsibility of the staff undertaking the drawing to ensure that the inspection has been done and approved.&nbsp.In aid of this, it is a requirement that the number of staff in drawing ought to be sufficient to avoid multitasking by a few employees and enhance concentration.

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