knowledge is power.

 These subjects provided me the opportunity to learn new information and facts. Apart from that, my old concepts were re-established on the basis of new learning. I understood the theoretical and practical perspectives of a topic due to effective learning strategies implied. I can apply knowledge because I have attained this ability to analyze the real life situations according to the knowledge that has been imparted to me. Also, I have learned how to deal with situations through practical application of scientific knowledge and critical thinking. The teachers encouraged us to analyze and critically evaluate topics that will result in effective incorporation of knowledge in future career. I work independently, as the classroom environment provided me hands on experience. This experience provided me opportunities to develop proficiency and skills required to manage tasks/activities. The diversity of topics in this course helped me in building my communication skills. I can communicate effectively as at Flinders, frequent group discussions with classmates and senior colleagues are part of everyday routine. This has helped me boast my confidence and develop skills required to actively participate in discussions as well as conveying my point of view to others. I can work collaboratively because development of my communication skills provided me confidence to take risks and share my opinions, reasoning and decisions with my fellows. I value ethical behavior as being at a multicultural university has helped me understand views, social norms and cultural beliefs of others. This had made me value intricacies of several issues. The multicultural experience has enhanced my vision and broadened my spectrum of world. I connect across the boundaries because studying in a diverse university such as Flinders has provided me opportunity to share my beliefs and cultural values to fellows. The comfortable environment offers me the opportunity to incorporate my values into the system as well as adapt certain morals and ethics from other parts of the world.

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 knowledge is power.
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