Knowledge That Gives Us Facts While Other Provides Interpretations

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Knowledge That Gives Us Facts While Other Provides Interpretations. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. For the IB, it&nbsp.states some ways of knowing which include perception, emotion, reason, language and authority, as the main pillars through which knowledge is derived, especially for the student. These ways moreover are playing significant roles toward d inculcating sound knowledge to students, such as in the field of Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Human Sciences, History, Art, and Ethics. However, in the process of this essay, we would discuss the ways of knowing one by one and assess how relevant they are with the above educational subjects.

Beginning with Perception as one of the key element of ways of knowing. In any subject matter being Art of Sciences, before students are able to begin understanding what their teacher is willing to teach them, they must be put on way to perception.

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Knowledge That Gives Us Facts While Other Provides Interpretations
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In term of the studies of Natural and Human Sciences, perception plays a major role in ensuring that student is fully understood the subject matter, including Biological Phenomenon. They should be given the opportunity to perceive and see things physically in order to enhance their understanding and remain firm on what they might have seen.

In an article titled From Perceiving to Knowing, the writer has stated how important perception toward understanding a subject. Its says: “A low level of information reception in humans’ perception, the physical receipt of information about a state or situation occurring elsewhere. Perception often understood to be a biological phenomenon, may involve a substantial amount of processing by a neural network. Visual perception, for example, involves the sensing of light and dark images by rods in the back of the eye, with some animals detecting colors through reactions taking place within cones in their retinas. These sensors are linked through complex networks to portions of the brains”.

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