leadership challenge. 

Taking the initiative to guide oneself and others towards success in life is a role that very rare individuals play in society. The reality is that without the presence of certain leading roles in society, the average individuals are unable to guide their life towards productivity. In my opinion, leaders are the people who understand a given situation, derive conclusions, devise solutions and in doing so making possible the working together of people who surround them.

In my opinion, my father is a great leader and he has certain qualities that make him a good leader. One great quality is being proactive in matters of life. He never waits for good things to happen. instead, he is inclined towards creating conditions that are likely to benefit him. By avoiding the reactive approach, he is able to escape situations that may be damaging to himself of the family.

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Another great quality is his enthusiasm toward life. He presents simple things to us with such excitement that it is almost impossible for our family to respond in a negative way. For this reason, he easily convinces us to follow a successful course in life. Lastly, he is very open-minded and always asks the family members for their input regarding various decisions of life. Even if he dislikes the opinion of a family member, he takes it into consideration while arriving at a decision.

Leadership qualities are important as they prevent a group of individuals from failure (Kouzes & Posner, 2012). Additionally, the team working under the supervision of a successful leader is less likely to get distracted by things that hinder success.

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