Legal Research Pathfinder Topic: Child Sexual Harassment

 Legal Research Pathfinder Topic: Child Sexual Harassment Introduction Sexual harassment is defined as the process of bullying, coercion or intimidation pertaining to sexual nature, or any form of unbidden request or promise offered in return of sexual favors (What is Sexual Harassment). Although, it may be contextual, it still is a major issue in the society and culture.

Though, we have mostly been concerned with the peculiar case of an adult being sexually harassed by another adult, whether it is in the streets, house or office (Title VII, Civil Rights Act, 1964. Johnson, B. T.), we tend to ignore one major aspect of the problem of sexual harassment (Davidson, J. C. 2008). That is child sexual harassment.

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Legal Research Pathfinder Topic: Child Sexual Harassment
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As per Dziech, sexual harassment in education remains an overlooked problem in the society, with the senior management of these educational institutions refusing its existence and refraining from taking any strict, efficacious action against it (Lewis, J. F., & Hastings, S. C. 1994. Layman, N. S. 1994. Machay, J.). Needless to say, this problem exists even outside educational institutions and does warrant some immediate action against it.

This is my personal opinion that when we adults are more or less aware of what is going on, when someone whistles in the street or leers at us in the elevator, a child does not have the necessary level of social understanding and power to know what is going on and how to stand up against it, not to mention of the subsequent mental trauma and depression (W. L. Felstiner, R. L. Abel & A. Sarat, 1980-1981). Being responsible citizens of the country, it is our duty to take care of the future of our country, and these children are the future of our country.

In this paper, we are going to discuss about the most relevant, current federal/state statutes and cases regarding child sexual harassment.

Federal Statutes

Here are the federal statutes on the topic of child sexual harassment below (Federal Laws |

1. 18 USC 1466A – Obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children

2. 18 USC 2251 – Sexual Exploitation of children

3. 18 USC 2251A – Selling or buying of children

4. 18 USC 2252 – Material involving the sexual exploitation of children

5. 18 USC 2252A – Material constituting or containing child pornography

6. 18 USC 2256 – “Child Pornography” defined

7. 18 USC 2258 – Failure to report child abuse

8. 18 USC 2260 – Production of sexually explicit depictions of minors for importations into the US

9. 18 USC 2422 – Coercion and enticement

10. 18 USC 2433 – Transportation of minors

11. 42 USC 13032 – Reporting of child pornography by electronic communication service providers

Needless to say, every state has its own set of child sexual abuse laws and a person who has been impeached with child sexual abuse at the federal level, may still face serious consequences at the state level. Statutory rape, in the simplest of definitions, is basically sexual exploitation of the minor (USC Title 18 – Crimes and Criminal Procedure).

Case Studies

As noted in the IPT Journal – “Child Sexual Abuse: Is the Routine Provision of Psychotherapy Warranted?” The notion that child sexual abuse is a “destroyer” of mental health&nbsp.has been based largely on studies involving clinical samples (Berliner & Elliott, 1996). And this is proved by a numerous real-life examples as well.

For example, the study done by the social working group ‘Mkombozi’ on the Tanzanian schools showed a shocking incident of a young boy being sexually abused by the members of the neighborhood school (CRIN – Violence Study – Sexual Abuse in Tanzanias Schools: Case studies from Majengo community).

Another was an incident in Uttar Pradesh (India) in the year 1999, when a mother reported a social working group named ‘Vanangana’ about her young daughter being sexually harassed and abused by her husband. According to a case study, most Indian children go through some sexual harassment torture, which came to light after the infamous Nithari killings (Nautiyal, P., & Lal, A.).

A few many case studies were being provided by Margaret Pipe in her book ‘Child sexual abuse: disclosure, delay and denial’ in 2007 (Pipe, M. 2007).

Though, it is merely a few child sexual abuse incidents that we noted here, there are millions of such cases being notified all over the world (Bagley, C., & King, K. 1990). And even as it is proclaimed that it has increased over the recent years, sufficient proven studies show that it has been continued for a long time.

Most of the time, the federal government is concerned and active about adult sexual harassment, mainly employment sexual harassment (Sexual Harassment Law.), but w forget to tend to those impressionable young minds who are just starting to learn about the world and perhaps, gradually resorting to a negative approach as they helplessly tolerate the physical and mental torture on them.

It’s high time that we take some concrete action against this, child sexual harassment and abuse.


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