Lego from the beginning

 lego from the beginning Thank you in advance for the help! &nbsp.This has been a silent trait of this firm. The well-maintained relationship and the support close all the inevitable people, like consumers, customers, business partners and all stakeholders was successfully extended to a more advanced level during this year. Looking at LEGO’s dedication, it will not be an understatement that this work and their motives will always mark their presence in the coming years.

In 2007, the LEGO Group has covered the four years period out of its seven-year strategy. This was a very effective move with the motive, which is kind of acquired so far, that is to bring a complete change to the entire market and business scenario while developing LEGO as the best brand exhibiting their commitment towards creative building and playing the key role in providing effective learning techniques through play. As per their strategy, various aspects of processing, procedures, structure, and relations to stakeholders will undergo a primary change during the years 2004-10 (Annual Report, 2007).

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Lego from the beginning
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The prime objectives for all the stakeholder groups were well defined by the group in the year 2006 (Annual Report, 2007). These have been further intensely developed in the year 2007. The rigorous balanced approach to different stakeholder groups will certainly provide a significant platform for the future operations of this group.

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