Leisure and Pleasure Source Analysis

Leisure and Pleasure Source Analysis. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The main difference may be in the level of advancement of the medium. newspaper. In this discourse, an analysis of a sample newspaper excerpt published in 1971 is performed to illustrate some of the differences and similarities.

Newspaper adverts in London in 1741 must have been a very important medium for channelling particularly commercial information to the customers. There was a strict control that the authorities in London used to prevent spread of dangerous information. One of the control measures, as seen on the left top corner, is the demand that legal endorsement of a circulating newspaper in form of an official stamp must have authenticated its publication and circulation (Hundt 2000, p332). According to the author, illegal newspapers production had to cleverly look for alternative distribution channels. A major way that assisted their penetration of the market was through backstreet sales through the help of hawkers. One characteristic of these illegal newspapers was an attractive and catchy design and presentation that included graphics and illustrations. Advancements to these market penetration wars attracted use of more catchy images and pictures on advertisements in order to keep in touch with the competition. It follows that there was an important group of people whose leisure activities must have been met thereby opening an opportunity for newspaper publishing to thrive.

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The first advert on Hay Market is particularly short and to the point, which illustrates the observation of strict regulation. In the advert, the title and emphasis words are on different font that creates the stress impact which catches the eye of the reader. The second advert on Drury-lane and Le Genereux Corsaire likewise avoid the use of bulk wording but captures the intended emphasis through case variation on various words.

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