listening skills.

 Manager’s Hot Seat: Skills Listening is an imperative interpersonal skill as the skill of speaking because it creates harmony, understanding and makes the process of communication comfortable and efficient. In most cases, Individuals fail to master the art of listening and speaking as observed in the film Listening Skills: Yeah Whatever. In the video, Miguel has spent more than the allocated budget in the Jezebel case without issuing a prior warning on the same. As a result, Pilar the manager is angry with her but the latter has poor communicating skills. Consequently, as a manager, there are three potential actions to take against Miguel, being forceful, reiterate the problem, or fire him.

Since the issue at hand is critical and affects the business relationship with its customers, Pilar should restate the problem in a forceful manner. Given the lightness Miguel takes the case, the manager should enforce the message repeatedly in an attempt to justify the wrongness of Miguel’s action and ensure the practice does not surface in the future. Another alternative is firing the employee for the lack of competence and ignorance. It is evident that Miguel failed to communicate the budget overuse to the client because she believes that $11,000 is a drop in the ocean. In business dealing, this is suicidal and reflects incompetence and exploitation for customers with financial stability.

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In the second scenario, the communication between the two improves once Miguel pays attention to the seriousness of the matter. As a result of Pilar’s anger, Miguel becomes fearful and attentive resulting in a better communication. Miguel is afraid that he might lose a potential customer due to ignorance. At this stage, the manager should reaffirm his trust in the worker by showing concern and affirming that the issue would be solved professionally without potential risk to the employee. However, he should also a stern warning against going beyond the set budget without proper communication and agreement with the manager and the client.

In the modern dynamic and competitive business world, communication takes a central role in the success of a company. For this reason, manager, workers, and customers need to have adequate listening and speaking skills to facilitate an efficient communication.

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