Literature Rivew on Education

Literature Rivew on Education : What difficulties do International Students from Non English Speaking Background encounter in building Social Capital in Austral. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Social capital could be regarded as the “product” or “outcome” of a sound and sustainable social ecology. Learning (Falk and Harrison 1998. Harrison and Falk, 1998) is the principal process for building social capital and contributing to the sustainability of human and physical systems among the non-English international students.

In the article “The Social Capital Experience of International Students in Australia: The Wollongong Experience”, written by Frank Neri and Simon Ville. It was discussed that when the international university students come to the another country where they face the language problem, as if an Asian non-English student come to the English university then the weak skills of speaking English is one of the major problem along with it the difference in culture stop them to involve among the local students of university. Obviously it has a great impact on their academic performance and sometimes they feel them unsatisfied as well. In the article it is also given that how can these international students can make their social network and can adjust in the environment. In the article Frank Neri and Simon Ville (2006), implement the framework of social capital and analyze the pattern of non-English students’ attitude in relation to building new sources of social capital in the Australia where they come for studies, the results of analysis show that there is a high degree of inconsistency of social capital renewal among the students it was found that mostly the international students build close association only with the students who belongs to their own country. Overall this article is a good effort to discuss the social capital renewal among the international students.

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Literature Rivew on Education
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In order to bring people together who belongs to different cultures the process of internationalization works for the migration of students from one place to another.

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