loan officer Paper

 LOAN OFFICE A loans officer acts as a link between a financial and a loan applicant. The officer’s duty is to protect the financial institution by ensuring that only credits worthy applicants are approved for loans. He or she also protects applicants from adverse consequences of failure to repay an offered loan. A number of ethical principles and theories therefore govern the role of loans officers in approving loans to customers. One of the applicable ethical principles is the doctrine of beneficence that establishes the need of every member of the society to do well. Beneficence calls for actions that will benefit members of the society and not bring harm. Another applicable principle to a loans office is the doctrine of justice that advocates for fairness when dealing with other people (Rainbow, 2012). The principle of common good that promotes well being of macro elements of the society is also applicable (Ascension, 2012). Ethical theories such as deontology and utilitarianism are also applicable in the scope of a loans office (Rainbow, 2012).

Approving the loan

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loan officer Paper
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Approving the loans will violate my personal codes of ethics. This is because I strongly believe principles of beneficence, justice, and common good (Rainbow, 2012. Ascension, 2012).

Resolving the ethical dilemma

I would advise loan applicants of all potential risks involved in taking the loans and allow them the freedom of choice as illustrated by the doctrine of respecting people (Ascension, 2012).

People’s reaction

The organization’s strategy would elicit negative reactions because it aims at exploiting the society against theories of deontology and utilitarianism (Rainbow, 2012).


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