Long-Term Health Impacts of GM Foods

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Long-Term Health Impacts of GM Foods. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The harm from GM foods is enormous, and people should not risk their lives. Long-term health challenges make GM foods dangerous for human consumption.

The consumption of GM food has the potential of causing sterility and stunted growth in human beings. Compelling evidence from the animal feeding studies indicates that long-term use of genetically modified foods causes fertility problems and increases infant mortality rates. The laboratory animals fed on GM food had unnatural slow growth and developed hairy mouths (American Academy of Environmental Medicine). Consequently, the inability to reproduce can have far-reaching implications for the family and society. The couples who cannot have children tend to be unhappy in the marriage life. Although the sole purpose of marriage may not be to have children, the kids are important components of the family. The inability to reproduce presents tremendous emotional, physical, and financial burdens for couples, friends, and immediate, as well as, extended family. Many people might undergo a series of immense feelings of sadness and boredom. The feelings may turn into grief, which affects the relationships, and the infertile partner may fear that the other person might quit the relationship. Abbie argues that infertility compels the family to spend a lot of many seeking medical interventions (22). The financial burden may affect the immediate family and friends as well. Thus, the consumption of genetically modified food is harmful, and the health implications are costly.

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Long-Term Health Impacts of GM Foods
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In the United States, farmers claim that the pigs and cows feeding on the GM feed have developed infertility problems. The pigs and cows cannot reproduce after consuming the GM feeds (Smith 39). The intention of having domestic animals is to get yield. Arguably, the farmers spend enormous sums of money to acquire, feed, and manage the health of the livestock. The livestock&nbsp.management practices are not cheap, and the farmers invest both money and time to ensure that the cows and pigs grow healthy and reproduce. In essence, the joy of the farmers is to have fertile animals.

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