Looking for assistance with an upcoming project

Looking for assistance with an upcoming project. I need a serious writer with the skills to develop the research paper, no someone that will cut and paste a bunch of stuff from the internet with no thoughts behind it. It has to be a well thought, well organized easy based on the thesis, following APA format. This will be a multi-step project in which the first submission will continue to grow into the final essay. The first part is due by Monday, November 2nd, 2020. 

The first part will consist of the following: 

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Looking for assistance with an upcoming project
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  • Written well-developed research paper with a specific target audience in mind.
  • Supported a thesis statement with well-developed reasons and research.
  • Documented all quoted and paraphrased material with in-text citations using correct APA format.
  • Formatted the research paper, including a cover page and reference page adhering to APA guidelines.
  • Developed ideas in a logical manner and transition between those ideas to create a research paper that is coherent and flows well.
  • Adopted a voice, tone, and level of formality appropriate for a formal research paper.
  • Developed sentences with little or no surface feature errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • APA formatted title page
  • 6–8 pages (1,900–2,550 words) of body text, not including the title page, abstract, or references page, in support of your thesis statement
  • Integrated, scholarly support from a minimum of 10 credible, recent sources that are properly cited according to APA guidelines
  • APA formatted references page
  • Must have an abstract, introduction, and conclusion

The paper should be submitted as a single Word document (.doc, .docx, .pdf., or .rtf) file and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Include a title page with the student name, the paper title, and the course name.
  • It should be double-spaced, in an appropriate font, with font size 12 point.
  • The margins should not exceed 1″ on all sides.

The outline should be focused on the thesis and include the thesis statement in your introduction outline. Topic sentences should be written in complete sentences. In the body of your outline, develop the points to at least a second level of detail. This means, in addition to outlining the main points that support the thesis, you will need to add sub-points for those points. Sub-points are required to be written in complete sentences. Attached are just examples to give an idea of how the paper should flow. By no means is it set in stone that has to be that way. 

The second part of the paper is below just for reference only and to think about continuing to do the second part. This is not due until later in the month. 

 The second part of the paper will be done utilizing the research paper and repurposing it into a workplace proposal. This proposal will be a two-part assignment. A written paper that I have attached a template for, and the second part will be an actual video presentation with a PowerPoint presentation. 

I’m attaching some of the work I have done so far for assistance. I’m not an expert, but it is a start for the research. Looking for good quality, plagiarism-free, well formated following APA guidelines and well-formatted according to make sense, delivering the message. The first paper you should look at is the word document labeled “Start of the research paper” this is a quick view on how I imagine conducting the research. 

I found lots of resources online that support the topic. I can provide them if needed once I pick the person.

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