Lord of the Flies Setting

Bader al Issaei January 24, 13 Lord of the Flies The author Sir William Golding created the story Lord of the Flies. This author uses the setting to develop the main theme of the story. The setting did really create the theme of the story and without it Piggy could have lived. Without this setting the whole story could have changed because it story can be in a camp or in London or even their country. Then the whole story in that case will change.
To add to that, there might not be a problem or a lord of the flies. There were a lot of settings he could have chosen but he only chose one, which is the island. He chose where to put the conch and he chose to put a castle rock, and he also chose where to put lord of the flies and what the weather will be. The writer of this story created many ways for using the setting, one general way is the geography of the island, he chose the island, witch I don’t think is a real island in the Pacific Ocean I think he created it, and this island changed the humanity of the boys.
In the beginning of the story we are introduced to the creepers, while Piggy was following Ralph we found out that Piggy has asthma. Ralph goes to the beach and finds a bathing pool. So like a normal boy he jumps in the bathing pool but Piggy can’t swim because of the asthma he has. Piggy tests the water, and it was warm. Then we find out that Ralph can swim because his dad is a commander in the navy and he taught him. Piggy’s mom and dad are dead and he lives with his aunt.

Then, Ralph found a conch and blew it to call the others so he was voted as chief, he told the others if they want to talk they have to hold the conch. Now the conch became an important symbol in the story and it symbolizes order. In the end of the first chapter Ralph, Jack and Simon discover that it is an island and that there are pigs. Ralph wanted to make a fire but the first one was not under control and burned a big part of the island. The second fire was the signal fire and it was on top of the mountain so it is in the center of the island.
Now the fire symbolizes the rescue. William Golding chose an atomic war and above these boys at night there was a plane battle, in the meantime the twins where taking watch of the fire. Suddenly a dead Pilate was ejected from the plane and the twins thought that it was the beast. Jack, Ralph and the hunters went to see the beast and discovered the castle rock. It is the place that symbolizes savagery and the place where they killed Piggy, also known in the unfriendly part of the island. When Ralph, Jack and Roger saw the beast at night they ran letting others believe in the beast.
Castle rock is now the place for the hunters and littluns and their chief is Jack. Without the Pigs there won’t be any hunter and it would be more peaceful, they could have just eaten fruit. The castle rock is a very rocky place with a lot of sunlight and heat, and that is not a perfect place to live in. It is the opposite from Simon’s nature place even the author said “Flower and fruit grew together on the same tree and everywhere was a scent of ripeness and booming of a million bees at pasture. Page 61,W. Golding. The writer cut the island into two sides, an unfriendly side and the friendly side. For example when Simon dies the writer says: “The water rose further and dressed Simon’s coarse hair with brightness” Page 180W. Golding. He said this because he died in the friendly side. Piggy, in the other hand, died in the unfriendly side of the island, the writer said: “the rock stuck Piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee; the conch exploded into a thousand white fragments”. Page 212 W.
Golding, so that didn’t seam as a fun sight. You can find the difference now with the two places. To add to that, Ralph was rescued when he came to the friendly side. William Golding added to the geography of the island a thicket next to the castle rock, and it was not put by accident, he did it so that Ralph would hide in it, but because it was in the unfriendly side Jack burned the whole island to get him out, he did and then got rescued. If you notice there are only one beach and the rest are cliffs.
I think that the beach symbolizes something, which is the tribe’s home. They even have shelters in there and a bathing pool right next to the platform. Also, the writer putted the Lord of the Flies next to Simon’s mat as borders of the friendly side and the unfriendly. That is why Simon was confident when he went up to the mountain also he could have left the parachutist on top of the mountain as a proof that there is no beast. Sir William Golding is a smart writer because he has made a map in his head that really reacted to the whole story.
This story mostly talks about the darkness inside the humans and how a war can happen, more over how the civilization could have started. The island took away all the humanity in them forcing them to act like savages. The whole island could have won the war yet no one did; even the leaders of these two tribes still hate each othe r. The person who created this map wanted that war to happen and wanted Ralph to survive. God created the Earth’s map and I am sure he created it for a reason. Word count: 1,010 words

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