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Management Issues

Questions & Answers

Q1. Do you think that manufacturing or service organisations have the greater need for operations management?

A. Operations management is equally important for both types of organisations. Whether the organisations produce goods or provide services, operations management is the basic tool that actually orchestrates the resources to produce the desired product or service.

Q2. How might operations management apply to managerial functions other than control?

A. Operations management applies to all functions of management. It entails planning while setting organisational goals. It involves organising while building up the basic organisational structure. Leading also plays an important role in managing the human resources required to achieve the organisational target or goal.

Q3. How could you use value chain management concepts in your every day life?

A. We use value chain management concepts in our daily life in various capacities. As an employee, we use computer aided programs to save time, plan and ensure that we meet deadlines. We improve the progress through skill enhancement programs, motivating our workers, staying abreast of the latest developments, and trying innovative ideas.

Q4. What is more critical for success in organisations: continuous improvement or quality control? Support your position.

A. I believe that continuous improvement is more critical for success. It offers flexibility through continuous analysis and improvement of the contributing processes and resources.

MANAGEMENT ISSUES 3 Being process-oriented instead of result oriented, continuous improvement focuses on all activities leading to customer satisfaction and helps in achieving a competitive edge.

Q5. Choose some large organisation that you are interested in studying. Research this company to find out what types of operations management strategies it is using. Focus on describing what it is doing that is unusual or effective or both.

A. I have chosen Toyota motors for the study. The unusual and effective strategies include adapting lean manufacturing system not only by minimising the plans and inventories but also making the operations more simple, visible and flexible. The company has blended total quality and total people involvement with JIT system. With the introduction of Kanban (card) system for accepting the order at subsequent assembly line, bottlenecks are identified without delays thereby achieving continuous improvement and waste elimination. Allowing the supplier to have an input has developed trust and better think tank.



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