Management of change

ctively utilize the employees as well as suggesting suitable human resource management strategy that can be used to manage and empower the employees within the organisation. Implementing a new order in an organisation is concerned with change of the current operational system and in most cases change is met with resistance by many employees as a result of many factors. For the initiative to be successful, there is need for re-orientation of the workers through provision of basic training and development which would be closely monitored upon implementation as going to be illustrated using the lessons learned from the case study of Image Makers.

The Image Makers advertising agency was founded in Switzerland in 1990 by two graduates who studied together at University. Over the years, the agency has grown and has received recognition within the industry for its innovation and creativity, particularly in the use of information technology which continued to develop tremendously. Inspired by the positive growth of the organisation, the two directors recently embarked on an initiative to establish Image Makers as an international company with offices across the globe. This was also necessitated by the organisation’s good reputation for being an innovative as well as a renowned company for attracting and retaining talented workers.

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Management of change
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However, this initiative redefined its performance history as well as its operations. This meant that some of the skilled workers were to be relocated to other countries where the organisation intended to open up offices. This led to the resignation of two managers, loss of two accounts personnel as well as some form of resistance from other employees which has led to poor performance among other things. Thus, the major aim of this essay is to suggest strategies that can be adopted and give a critical analysis of the best structure, culture, and systems that are necessary to make the change initiative work.

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