Managing major projects and programmes.

To warrant a good stable, paying job in this busy, globally competitive world, one must learn to possess the skills that will give you the leverage which will carry you on top of your competitors. An attempt to earn and possess these skills requires the completion of an academic degree. Driven by my passion to learn and absolute desire to succeed in the future, I have opted to take an advance step as I understand that my intellectual capacity is a gift which I intend to use for this purpose to the utmost of my substantial capabilities.

Driven by what I want my future to be, I have decided to apply for admission to Middlesex University – the National Centre for Project Management, a well-known, established university in London and to be specifically part of its MSC Managing Major Projects and Programmes course. My decision to specialize in this course was based on its close relation to my present job requirements, existing acquired skills and experiences. I have also arrived at this decision considering the recent business trends emerging like the widespread of project management base work around the globe, the wider coverage of project management, the thin layer of available project managers against the soaring demand for them and the issue of a popular published international corporate magazine which rated “project management” as the number one career choice of this millennium.

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Managing major projects and programmes.
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I have chosen Middlesex university amongst the rest because of what it offers, its school facilities, quality of mentors and most importantly, its impressive distinguished achievements like being the first university in London to be awarded four Queen’s Anniversary Prizes in four different categories. It also received positive feedback from the Quality Assurance Agency for maintaining globally competitive academic standards to its students. These achievements, brought to the attention of the public, have drawn more enrolees including myself. It will be my honour and pleasure to learn the needed knowledge and skills with the world‘s greatest mentors and at the same time exchange with and compete against the best students in the world. I am confident that these two factors will provide me with lifelong benefits. Only by driving myself into this highly competitive academic arena will I be sure that my outstanding potentials can be elicited into the fullest, and therefore, enable me to further develop my courage and stance to face challenges, enhance my endurance, and improve my analytical thinking.

My motivation for charting my career path was strongly influenced by my father. Since I was a small boy, I was trained and advised by my father to be patient in working my way up to the top if I wanted to possess and achieve anything I had in mind. He mentioned that it was like a ball game where you face your opponents and do your thing to win. Winning, he emphasized, is all that matters. It becomes your ultimate goal, the prize you have worked for. He continued to remind me that I must always have my mindset focused on winning. This is one childhood lesson that became one of the guiding principles I followed all throughout my growing years.

I am now 26 years old, born in Turkey but raised in U.K. I am proud to say that I have earned more winnings for myself through self initiative and self determination.&nbsp. My proud winnings include my captured experiences as hired Manager in 2007 by McDonalds and my current work as Project Planning Manager of Royal Mail. With these jobs, I was able to go through a lot of experience like dealing with multi-tasking work, team-building, supervising, direction-setting, responsive management decision-making, dealing with crisis management, among others. These jobs also gave me valued-added skills. In the same way, these experiences have also helped me build my character to become a better responsive person in terms of becoming more creative, resilient, assertive and attentive as a listener, more open-minded, among others, resulting to building better interpersonal relationships among peers and subordinates and becoming a potential asset to my future employer. Needless to say, I am happy and proud too that I was able to pass two important qualifying exams: (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) Prince2 Foundation Exam and Prince2 Practitioner Exam. Passing these two exams gave more weights as added features to my qualifications for being hired as a project planning manager. PRINCE2 is in the public domain, offering non-proprietorial best practice guidance on project management and is also a registered trademark of OGC. Other parts of my winnings earned include special certificates from Private and University Trainings, Course Completion, namely: the Business analysis British Computer Society – (ISEB) Professional Foundation Certificate. Basics of Aviation Management and the driving force behind the Aviation sector. Shift Manager’s Diploma from McDonalds and First Aid at Work from NUCO.

Choices made determine what life a person will have. My future depends on the choices I make. With that premise, I would like to always make the right choices in my life. After pursuing this degree course, I intend to significantly give back a legacy or memento to my alma mater whether it is a research work, sponsorship and the like. Thus, this becomes one of the crucial moments of my life, fulfilling my dream by crossing the crossroads of challenge to success. I, for one, am strongly determined to pursue a more advanced education by earning a degree as my choice to stepping up my career path in the future. But I cannot do it alone. I need to achieve that academic excellence which your university is offering. Now my future lies in your hands.

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