Managing Operations

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In the second section, the supply chain of Subway has been evaluated. Through flow charts, the processes have been explained. In this section, based on the information accessed from online sources and the flow charts, the problems have been identified. To solve these problems the recommendations have been given in the end. New product development appears to be the weakest area of Subway’s operations. It is primarily because of the reason that the company has been giving more attention towards expansion instead of retaining the existing customers. After identifying this problem in this report, the recommendation has been provided at the end. In fact, new product development can appear as a potential advantage for the company. In the last, the evaluation of layout strategy of Subways has been done. Interestingly, Subway outlets are not following any standard layout strategy. This is one of the reasons, which is directly affecting the customer services of Subway. In consideration to the problems faced by Subway related to layout strategy, the recommendations have been provided at the end.

In this report after explaining, the processes followed at Subway, the operation management and relevant theories have been discussed. After comparing the theoretical concepts and the actual practices of Subway, the problems have been identified. Moreover, the section of “impact on customers” is also highlighting the problems during the service delivery process. Finally, based on the theoretical concepts, customers’ experiences and other analysis, the recommendations have been provided to Subway.

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Managing Operations
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Since the recommendations have been developed purely after analysing the processes of Subway, therefore, they are actually reliable and useful.

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