Mankind distanced from nature and the use of earth simply as a resource Paper 

 Never before have had the benefits of mankind labor threatened their precise existence: also this era of nuclear disasters, arms race, and global warming (Turner, 1980). For the first phase in history, mankind can produce enough to satisfy the needs of every head on the Earth. Despite mankind’s power to regulate the natural world, many societies are dominated by emotions linked to the economic recession, health issues, insecurities, and military chaos (Turner, 1980). These issues overwhelm lives with the seemingly irresistible power of natural disasters. The more densely populated cities become, the more mankind’s lives are recognized by feelings of loneliness and isolation from nature (Phillips, 2010).&nbsp.

Mankind’s ability to perform their tasks, develop how they work and build on their successes, has tried to result in the cumulative development of the productive forces. From the research carried out, one such advancement gave rise to the class community. When the community became capable of generating a surplus, it also made it conceivable for a class to rise, which was liberated from the need, to generate direct and could survive from its control over the work of others (Phillips, 2010). This process was significant in order to establish and direct the productive forces. however, it was also meant that the producers, the majority of the community lost control of their labor. The emergency class society in which one class had the power of control over the means of generating what the community required, led to a further division between individuals and the community to which they fit. Some forms of social life caused a wedge between the two dimensions of the self, the person and the communal, producing separation between people’s interests and those of the community as a whole (Turner, 1980).

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 Mankind distanced from nature and the use of earth simply as a resource Paper 
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Thus, mankind distanced from nature arose from the class community. For instance, Robert Romanyshyn uses metaphor in is work to elaborate on these ideas.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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