March Kids Eat Healthy 

The current elementary specifically here in the United States, are very lucky because they have all the resources necessary for their education. They have their books, financial assistance, competitive and highly trained educators, a curriculum appropriate to the learning needs of students, comfortable classrooms, complete facilities and most importantly, a healthy mind and body to make the most out of their learning experience. Contrary to todays situation of elementary students here in America, in Ethiopia, my mother country, students have poor education that places them at a disadvantage (Nguyen, Moses and Gabroy). At least based on my personal experience, when I had my elementary study in Ethiopia I felt so behind on everything, for example on reading, writing, and other learning opportunities. Since Ethiopia is a developing country, malnutrition is always a concern. During my elementary years in the country, most students in my school would drop out in the middle of the school year due to poor health, particularly malnutrition.

Speaking of nutrition, schools today understand and recognize the negative effects of poor health on childrens school performance. An unhealthy mind and body prevent the students from attending school and from learning while in the classroom. Due to this, schools together with various health and food organizations have created different nutrition programs, which aim to improve the health and nutrition of all children, that I never had before. I believe that these nutrition programs at school, for example, the National School Lunch Program, are very helpful for the students and their parents because the programs ensure that the children will get the kind of nutrition they need and support the academic and social functioning of underprivileged students. Years back when I had my elementary study, there was no nutrition program at my school. It was already a big privilege in Ethiopia to be at school. Food was not an important concern because what really mattered was that students had something to eat during lunchtime.

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March Kids Eat Healthy 
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Nutrition is highly significant for children because it is directly associated with all aspects of their development. Healthy children, which means children who are eating healthy and are physically active, are more successful in their academic performances because they are equipped with all the nutrients and strengths they need to fully enjoy learning. At the same time, healthy children inspire educators to teach them more because it is motivating to educate children who are listening, understanding, and participating. A positive relationship between children and educators will lead to a strong and well-functioning community and schools.

Coming from a developing country where I personally experienced what it was like to be hungry, unhealthy and disadvantaged at school, I will be able to impact the elementary school students by sharing with them my own elementary school days experience. I will tell them the situation of elementary students in Ethiopia and how lucky they are compared to the children in my mother country. I believe that the elementary school students will have an impact on me. I understand how important health is for everyone, especially for children, and this will always encourage me to help in promoting healthy behaviours in people.

As a future pharmacist, I see myself promoting healthy behaviours in my patients by providing them with accurate prescription drugs that their health condition requires. I will also help in promoting healthy behaviors by providing patients advices on the selection, dosages, and interactions, and any undesirable effect of their medication.

Work Cited

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