Marketing approach and website promotion of flight 001.

The buy-side and sell-side of e-commerce are very important in organizational marketing. Internet marketing directly deals with the sell-side of the whole transaction (Chaffey, 2004). There are multiple drivers to the concept of internet marketing. In the course of the following discussion, the tutor will be analyzing the key aspects of internet marketing, using the case of e-bay company as an example. Highlighting on the identified factors, the concept of the internet marketing mix will be explained. Further, an attempt to draw comparisons on the e-marketing tools or e-tool practices and examine the chain of order processing, with the help of the case study will be covered in the following discourse.

One of the world’s largest and most popular online marketplaces, eBay, enables its customers the unique facility to trade in millions of items each day. This company was formed by Pierre Omidyar, with a business objective of achieving excellence of being recognized as a most valuable internet retailer (Gopalkrishnan and Gupta, 2007). One consistent stride was to keep improving the company’s performance, maintain stable growth and create a fun-loving efficient market place. This breakthrough and strategic management approach offer a competitive edge over its competitors and sustainable growth to the organization.

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Marketing approach and website promotion of flight 001.
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eBay was launched from Omidyar’s home in the mid-1995.s with a concept of creating an Internet marketplace. Ever since its formation, eBay was well received by its users, who expressed their liking through hits. Keeping his hopes and aspirations high, eBay went on to become a public enterprise in the year 1998 at a value of $18 a share (Griffith, 2007). In 1999, the trade value rose to a figure of b$282 per share. By successfully beating its competitor, eBay established itself as the world’s most valuable Internet retailer (Lucking‐Reiley et al., 2007).

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