Marketing Plan for the Next Year for Atlantic Quench

 Marketing Plan for the Next Year for Atlantic Quench. Write a 3500 word paper answering; Atlantic Quench aims at availing the highest quality of juice and non-juice drink to the UK market at affordable prices. The juice drinks include: Cranberry Original Juice and Cranberry Mixed Juice Drinks, which are the main drink. They also offer Juice Max – pure Juice and Grab ‘n’ Go – Single Serve, among many others. The non-juice products include Cranberry Sauces and Cranberry Cordial Juice Drinks, as listed by Katsigris & Thomas (2012) as well as Fresh Cranberries, and New Dried Cranberries. The company also aims at introducing a new drink within the next one year.


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Marketing Plan for the Next Year for Atlantic Quench
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Given the fact that the company always make sure that their products are as affordable as possible, it has been seen that the products are doing well in the UK market. Furthermore, the income per capita of the UK population is high enough for them to afford these products by Atlantic Quench (Lamb 2012, p. 197).


The people of UK also like drinking juice. This is the reason as to why the brand has been able to do well in the UK. The new product being a tropical juice drink is likely to do well given the fact that UK residents consume juices in large quantities.


Technology has also been a very important factor in the performance of the brand in the UK. The company has the latest production technologies that enable them to get the most from the fruits and make sure that they are preserved in a manner that the consumers are not affected in any way.

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