Marketing Positioning

 Marketing Positioning of Domino The possible segments held by Domino include geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral perspectives. Demographically, Domino bases its target on everyone in the market space. There is no specific category of persons it targets. This makes it quite unique from other companies like Pizza Hut that base their strategy on culture. Geographically, Domino has its presence on a global market scale with over 60 establishments in the top international Pizza trade centers. It uses the global positioning technology and software to locate its hot spots on a global rating. This provides a representative data on her market share trends. In its behavioral paradigm, Domino is able to meet the demands of its marketing by basically employing online services. This has proved instrumental since a wide variety of people are reached. It also ensures populous numbers are informed on the same in a span of a very short duration.

Domino has an international presence as one of the strategies to reduce the debts that are tied to the company. This debt is to the tune of $ 1.5 Billion, whereas her financial standing as regards her assets is only estimated at $ 450 million.

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The market share in favor of Domino is based on the price sensation amongst Pizza consumers. Those that need a quick cheap Pizza will be favored by Domino’s Pizza. This makes them focused simply to delivery contrary to services offered in restaurants. However, for a long time, poor taste has been a derailment of her trade. To address this, two strategies have been deployed, that is, using trial periods as a tool to maintain the customers after presenting them with a better alternative. The other strategy is the projection of her future growth and implement the means to do so. This can be achieved by maintaining loyalty as well as expanding her presence in China, where her current standing is at 5-times-customer-orders per year against a 17-times-customer-order per year by Quick-Service Pizza.

The market share for Domino in totality stands at 18.4 % in the United States which is a leading franchise globally. In China, Domino’s standing percentage against Pizza Hut’s is 3.7 % which is quite insignificant.

Fortunately, Domino’s online strategy on sales can remedy it greatly since its current standing of 20% is estimated to project to 50% after a few years.

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