Mass extinctions, 

 The extent of mass extinction or bio-diversity has been evident from previous times but the impact of the same is pragmatic to be more crucial under the current bio-diversity. This severity is majorly pretentious by the changes that are incorporated within the planet reflecting on habitat destruction, climate change, along with the spread of invasive species (Mace & Lande, 1990). With this regard, the essay intends to elaborate on the different discriminations that are applicable by science on the issues of mass destruction. Through the different issues that hint towards mass destruction, the essay elaborates on the needs of management of different attributes related with the concerns that are attached with the severe destructive attribute of mass destruction and provides an insight towards the same.

Despite of being acquainted of the fact that biodiversity is of utmost importance, the diverse activities of human being are causing huge amount of impact leading to mass extinction. The different instances of massive extinction of biomass are caused due to geological, astronomical, and climatic changes that are imposed due to several actions undertaken by humans. Human beings often intentionally or unknowingly get involved into certain actions that give rise to hazardous situation for earth and paves way for mass extinctions. Reviewing the different lifestyle of earth, it is evident that an interrelated ecosystem is prevalent and every species depends on others to lead their lifestyle and enhance the life expectancy and lead a proper lifestyle. Climate, atmosphere, land, agriculture are also highly dependent on the different operations of living organisms and can lead to certain amount of adversity as well as vulnerability due to actions that are taken by the same (Holsinger, 2013).

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Mass extinctions, 
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