Masters in Biology 

Topic: Masters in Biology My prior ambition is to seek education in the field of Biology. To fulfill my ambition, I pursue to get admission in the university. To gain quality education has always remained inspirational for me, as it is education and knowledge that keeps the capacity of enabling a human being to excel in a society. After passing the Technician pharmacy course in 1994 from Secondary Health institute, Damam, KSA, it became impossible for me to stay away the field of Biology. Then I did King Fahad Hospital Certificate course in 1996 from 50 day training from Pharmacy Department, Madina, KSA. After that, I passed Associate Degree in Pharmacy in 1999 from Intermediate Science College, Hofaf, KSA. In September 2009, I successfully completed IPPE hours and observed patient care and other activities of the pharmacy personnel. Then I successfully completed Rite Aid Findlay, OH in summer 2009 where I successfully completed IPPE hours and assisted pharmacist in patient care and pharmacy. The most recent education of mine is Bachelor of Science in Biology from Ohio Northern University, OH.

I have a work experience of about 12 years from 1994 to 2006 at Ministry of Health, Hulaf City, KSA. During my work experience, I worked as an assistant pharmacist and worked in dispensing and shelving medicine. I provided my services to Community Development Programs. I checked food items for their expiry dates at Ada Food Pentary, Ada OH in 2008. The food items were to be dispensed to people. In the same year, I worked for Habitat for Humanity, Findlay OH where I was assigned to provide food for the people who were building homes for the homeless people. About the same year, I worked for Findlay Hancock Country Public Library, Findlay, OH. There I worked as volunteer and cleaned and labeled shelves of library. In the same year of 2008, I helped Hancock Christian Clearing House, Findlay, OH by cleaning the spaghetti tables and fund raising activity. Lastly, I served the community by Chapin Hall Food Pantry, Findlay, OH in 2008. There I delivered food to clients and helped clean up. All of these Community development programs have provided me a vast knowledge. I learnt a lot about cleanliness and food items.

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Masters in Biology 
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During my educational period, I have studied related courses to Masters in Biology, which will help me in achieving my further education. The courses contained the study of Anatomy, Histology, Immunology, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical, Physiology 1, Physiology 2, Physiology 3, Organic Chemistry, Med Microbiology, Bio Science 1 and Bio Science 2. I have also taken classes on health and issues related to health. Through my studies, I discovered that medical field is the best field among all the fields in my point of view. The field has given me a lot of knowledge and I want to enhance my skills and knowledge. I know knowledge is power and I am ambitious to gain as much education as possible for me. After finishing my masters’ degree, I am planning to have either some professional education in pharmacy or in any other relevant field to find a better job.

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