Math and Science for Young Children.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Math and Science for Young Children. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In learning about sets here are a few examples. a bag of oranges, a pack of markers, a set of keys. The second level can be represented by drawings. This is an abstract way of seeing sets. The third level about learning about sets is the semi-abstract level where we are moving away from irrelevant properties of individual sets and asking “how many?” and also at this level, we use tally sticks to represent sets. The fourth level or the abstract level this is where students will match group items with a numeral or number. When students have learned these skills they can now learn about the cardinal numbers.

The cardinal number of the set is an expression of the number proper of the set. Students and teachers call this numbers. This skill enables children to discuss sets in terms of numbers and provides a means by which they can understand the meaning of numbers. (Heddon, 1984) Sets and numbers go together in math.

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When learning about sets and numbers the teachers can also teach them about an empty set which is a set that has no members and this will teach the students the concept of zero. This is also called a null set. When learning this skill students are learning at the abstract level. They also learn the counting numbers which is also a set (1, 2, 3,4,5,6. . .) In learning about all these kinds of sets the children learn the skill of one-to-one correspondence and this means that each object in the first group is matched exactly with one object with the second group and vice versa. You must remember in working with this skill of one-to-one correspondence there are no elements leftover or unmatched in either set. Examples of sets are the counting numbers, the even counting numbers, the odd counting numbers are all sets of numbers. (Heddens, 1984)

Also, other types of sets are the ones called the equivalent sets and they are learned along with one-to-one correspondence or are the ones that are equal. The students will also learn about sets being finite and infinite. They will also learn that finite sets are those that can be counted or that are empty. They will learn that infinite sets are the ones that are not empty and not finite.

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