Personal ment The ever-changing trends in the business market have stimulated me to gain knowledge about business, organizations, marketing, financial resources, shareholders, and other similar subjects. I know that I have that instinct and passion that is needed for building a career in business. This becomes one of the major reasons why I want to gain MBA degree (in Finance, International business or Marketing as major) in the Coventry University, London. This personal statement describes my eagerness for this course, along with shedding some light upon my academic competencies and career plans.

To introduce my academics and experience, I am an international student, and already possess a masters’ degree in Human Resource from the University of Derby. Presently, I work at Fidelity bank Nigeria plc, which is a financial institution in Nigeria, as the Human Resource Coordinator. I am proud to mention here that my seniors have always been very pleased with my productivity and ethical performance, and they have been rewarding me with bonuses and a myriad of benefits due to my prolific performance. I am sure that I possess that passion that is crucial for excelling in the business field. I plan to become a manager in future.

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I deem it important to state here that I require the MBA degree to polish my HR profession and enhance my previous educational qualification. This will help me in HR career progression in that it will enable me to go for leadership and managerial positions in reputed organizations. Having done a masters degree in HR, an MBA degree will prove to be a fruitful extension of my qualification in that I will become a competent professional in fields like talent management and development, organizational behavior, labor relations, high performance work systems, conflict resolution, training and development, and the like. I anticipate that the MBA degree will effectively complement my HR degree in my job related goals as well, as I notice that more and more HR professionals are acquiring complementary degrees to advance their career. This is because organizational expectations of an HR professional have increased. In today’s modern business world, an HR leader with multiple degrees conveys a strong impression when he looks for a job. He is given more supervisory duties, which I am sure that I am capable of performing.

Moreover, there is a personal reason as well behind my wish to attain the MBA degree. Since I have attained degree under tier four student visa rules, an MBA degree will be important for me to acquire study visa from the UK Border Agency (UKBA). According to UKBA, a student can acquire a Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in two cases: either he plans to study for a new qualification that is at a higher academic level that previous studies, or he plans to acquire a degree that complements or enhances previous studies at the same level. This MBA degree will complement my previous HR masters degree, and thus, will help me acquire study visa with ease.

I believe that keeping in view my academic qualification, and my need to complement my previous degree, the authorities will definitely consider my application for admission in their reputed university. I assure that I shall prove to be a competent student for your university.

Thanking you in advance,

Yours sincerely,

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