Mechanical engineer.

My fascination with all things mechanical s way back to my early childhood, when I badgered my parents with my favorite question: ‘How does this thing work?’ This continues to be my favorite question even now! The TAMIYA minicar I received on my fifth or sixth birthday was my greatest gift ever. As I dismantled the car, and then put it together again, with my father’s help, I discovered the joy of assembling a working model. Believe me, there can be no greater sense of satisfaction than that of actually building unity and generating movement from several disparate parts!

What started out as an absorbing past time metamorphosed into the ruling passion of my life. By the end of Middle School, I went on to make a score of different models of cars, including those with their own mini motors. I gravitated towards Physics as my favorite subject, complemented by my deep enjoyment of Mathematics, particularly Calculus. I did some independent study of Topology, and was amazed at the difference it made to my perception of objects. Based on my love of Physics and Mathematics, and my abiding interest in ‘How things work,’ the choice of Mechanical Engineering as my major in college was just a very natural progression.

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Coming from a family which deeply respects the value of education and entrepreneurship (my father graduated from the reputed Korea University and my mother operates a sushi bar), the other dominant trait in my personality is my determination to make a difference to my world. My favorite past time is watching Science documentary programs on television. I consider Science to be humanity’s greatest benefactor. Scientific inventions are the bedrock of life and civilization. I intend to be in the vanguard of scientific innovation. I believe in my capacity to make a tangible contribution to improving the living conditions of my society: that is my idea of a truly intelligent Mechanical Engineer. I want to become a Mechanical Engineer who applies his skills to develop applications which make a tremendous difference to the everyday life of every strata of society.

It is my firm belief that only a rock-solid educational foundation can help me achieve my goal. I am keenly aware that the acquisition of genuine mechanical skills requires both the understanding of theory and its practical application. This is possible only in an environment which encourages hands-on-learning and innovation in the classroom. I believe that the Mechanical Engineering&nbsp.Department at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, will best meet this requirement. I aim to go on to pursue a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering. Of course, learning is an ongoing process, which never ends, and I will always remain open to any opportunity to enhance my knowledge and my engineering skills.

I confess that I am a bit of a nerd. I am perfectly content to tinker with machines and do a spot of study even over the weekend! While this has given me formidable analytical skills, boundless patience, a ‘never give up’ attitude towards stumbling blocks, and a striving for perfection, it has also made me something of a lone wolf. However, I love meeting people of different backgrounds and exchanging views. I believe that the stimulating academic and social environment at Ann Arbor will help me strike a balance between my passion for machines and my love of personal interaction. At the same time, I am confident that my ethnicity, and mechanical know-how, will enable me to contribute to the diversity of campus life.

I am absolutely positive that graduating in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor will help me realize my all my latent potential and build the foundation for my life’s mission as an engineer who will change the world.

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