Media ethic personal statement. 

Media Ethics Personal ment When I first started out as a of Mass Media, I had no idea that Ethics played such an important role in the field of entertainment. In fact, I began my freshman year thinking that ethics was something that only applied to the medical world and its responsibilities. Over time though, I learned that the responsibility of a person working in the field of informative mass media is a much higher and all – important calling than being a doctor. That is because as a media practitioner, I carry the whole weight of the worlds events on my shoulders. The way I decide to report events can either create peace or chaos in a certain situation and therefore, I must constantly adhere to the highest principles of media ethics as I go about completing my tasks on the job.

I was amazed to learn that as a media practitioner, I would oftentimes find myself at the crossroads of having to deal with news manipulation versus reporting the truth, or having to choose between public interest and the right of a person to privacy, and most specially, I found myself highly concerned by the fact that the interests of the media when it comes to reporting and informing the public may oftentimes find roadblocks in terms of our national laws. As a journalist, I would definitely have my work cut out for me in the future.

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Media ethic personal statement. 
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But, if I had chosen to take the path of entertainment media instead, I would find myself having to deal with the ethics of censorship and the right of people to choose. There is also the problem posed by conflict of interest regarding product placement in shows that I might become involved with. Not to mention having to deal with the constant stereotyping in Hollywood that often leads to the presentation of taboo topics that most audience members and censors may deem unethical. However, since i trained for the job, I will know exactly how to strike a very delicate balance among all the factors involved. It wont be easy but, thanks to my ethics classes, I will know exactly how to handle the situation should it arise.

Having been educated by our classes in the various types of ethics involved in media relations, I have come to realize that ethics as a moral philosophy is something that I shall have to deal with on a daily basis in my line of work because I will be constantly defending and recommending concepts of right and wrong to various people whom I work with very closely. That is because I now understand that every action I choose to take will result in certain positive or negative consequences for other people. Therefore, it is imperative that I always do my job properly.

I have learned that self – regulation is the first step towards responsible and ethical practices in the field of mass media. This means that if I can make a conscious effort to adhere to the various principles of media ethics as I do my job, I will be able to limit any harm done to the people involved in my news report while providing the public with the most accurate, truthful, and reliable information available. There is no place in media ethics for twitter type hype when reporting the news.

Now that I have come to the end of the course, I feel that I have a better idea of what is going to be expected of me once I join the ranks of the other media practitioners. I will be expected to adhere to ethical standards across the board, no exceptions. My sense of right and wrong will be challenged on a daily basis by those around me and it will be my responsibility to ensure that media ethics will not be violated in any way, shape, or form.

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