Metaphysics, old and new: immanuel kant.

Kant’s moral theory is not necessarily to focus in consequences necessarily, but rather focusing on an issue that should be done regardless of the burden it creates. The theory automatically assumes that an individual should naturally execute an action regardless of the consequences. An individual should commit to an action even it causes unhappiness and is not logical. This concept is extremely essential base on the fact that humans should not care if their actions are moral as long as they are ethical. For instance, one cannot blame someone else if they attempt to be nice but instead end up hurting the other individual. One must comprehend that that person had good intentions and meant well. Again, this is vital in the society that we live in because it creates diffusion and a moral viewpoint on conflicts and tensions that occur every day. Moreover, if the outcome that an individual desired was not the end product, then an individual’s decision to act in a certain manner should not affect that particular judgment. It is quite essential to understand this concept as many decisions made by individual in our society tend to think that a certain approach was no appropriate due to the fact it did not benefit them. For instance, if a person was to give another person a CPR and that individual still passes away, one cannot question the notion of the person’s valiant attempt to save their life. Since Kant’s ethics are absolute, one can seriously question the challenge it poses. For instance, lying is an absolutely forbidden according to Kant’s ethics. However, can one not lie in life-threatening scenario or to get someone medication that they desperately need and do not possess the adequate resources? Kantian ethics takes a different approach than utilitarian ethics. For instance, donating to a charitable organization often is considered a virtuous act. However, Kant argues that rather than enhancing the condition of the poor, we should focus on ourselves. In essence, it is wrong for an individual to prioritize the conditions of others from the condition of oneself. For instance, if a mother devotes her time helping a charity and does not spend time with her kids. she becomes a victim of depriving herself of the benefits in the future. The duty to assist the poor according to Kant is imperfect duty. Since Kant tends to focus on the fact that rather than improving the condition of others, one should focus on oneself—it is not surprising to realize that we should be morally obligated to serve ourselves.

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 Metaphysics, old and new: immanuel kant.
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