Microbial Processes in the Deep Ocean Ecosystem.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Microbial Processes in the Deep Ocean Ecosystem. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. There are several bio-geo-chemical-thermal cycles which are occurring in the oceans and which are not known to man. These processes in the dark are changing the systems of the earth. With newer tools for conducting research of this biosphere and a greater understanding of the life and processes of the deep ocean, a scientist may be able to harvest the use of these (Orcutt, 2011).

Microorganism and microorganisms have an impact on the environment. Microorganism has an indirect influence and often depend on the microbial processes. Microorganisms have a strong influence on the ecology they are present within. They can catalyze several reactions that can affect the properties of water and various sediments in the water. Several substances can dissolve in water and several substances can be precipitated by using microorganism through a process of oxidation of organic matter to carbon dioxide. In the deep sea areas, the temperature of the water is very low and microorganisms are able to catalyze the reaction. Many of the toxic organisms actually released from human activity may enter into the deep marine environment and microorganism in the deep sea can affect the fate and mobility of these compounds. Over the last 10 years, using advanced technological tools, the deep sea atmosphere has been studied, and a diverse and rich environment containing communities of organisms have been identified. These organisms cannot survive on the earth’s surface. Many of the terrestrial organisms have a strong influence on the biological and geochemical phenomenon, and with a rich and diverse microbial community at the deep level, there would be huge potentials of these microorganisms which are not known to man today. Many of the organic and inorganic processes that occur at the geochemical levels can be controlled by these microorganisms (Lovley, 1995).

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