Midterm film analysis paper.

Write 4 pages with APA style on Midterm film analysis paper. The primary strategy of Dom Cobb comprised of his ability to project himself into the subconscious minds of other people to steal ideas and information, which even the most virtuoso of hackers could not pillage with all the technology and skills lying at their disposal. So, Cobb is projected in the movie as the ultimate tool specializing in corporate espionage. However, as is common with most of the capable men, Cobb has many accounted issues imbuing his past, to redeem which he is made to embark on a mission that is to become his way to redemption. However, this mission tends to be different in the sense that this Time Cobb is required to plant an idea into rather than gleaning some information from the mind of his target. Cobb and his ensemble team of espionage specialists would have certainly entered into a new dimension of psychic espionage had they succeeded. However, this time their mission is made complex and complicated by a capable adversary who not only knows what they are up to, but also possesses the power to stop them. To put it simply, in Inception, Christopher Nolan has managed to come out with a fantasy scenario, unraveling in the realm of the mind that is not only awesomely fantastic, original and innovative, but also requires multiple viewing to grasp its full potential and scope. It is a movie that exploits the existing technical expertise in the realm of cinematography to come out as being something interestingly stunning and audaciously bold.

There is no denying the fact that Nolan’s primary theme in Inception is the dream world. The mastery of Nolan lies in his ability to use the cinematic devices to bring to the life the hitherto unexplored dynamics of the dream world.

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