module 5 discussion 2: researched argument peer review

 Module 5 Discussion 2: Researched Argument Peer Review

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module 5 discussion 2: researched argument peer review
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Discussion Topic


This discussion is your final opportunity to ensure that your argument is well developed and credible. Really look at what you are saying and the support you are using to back up your claims. How credible are you? Could you convince someone to take your side? Your addition to the conversation on your topic should show your understanding and depth of thought on the topic. Giving and receiving peer review will help you analyze your own writing to make sure it is informed, credible, and persuasive.

You should spend approximately 2 hours on this assignment.


  1. Post your completed draft of the Module 5 Assignment: Researched Argument Essay by the date listed on the Course Schedule.
  2. Save your document as a .doc or .pdf file, and attach it to your posting. Post your draft early; if you post your draft late, you may not get any comments at all. Include a short version of your title in the subject line of your post.
  3. Think: Here are some questions to consider while doing your peer reviews:
    • Does the Introduction include a clear, specific, argumentative thesis sentence?
    • Does the Introduction give you a clear picture of the topic?  
    • Does the essay argue directly for the writer’s position or thesis using effective, specific evidence? Does the writer create effective and responsible appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos as appropriate to their purpose and audience?
    • Does the essay effectively address and refute a counterargument?
    • Does the essay quote specific source evidence that supports the claims and conclusions?
    • Does the essay omit personal opinions and include correctly formatted in-text citations, using MLA Style, for each source quotation, paraphrase, and summary?
    • Does the essay include a conclusion paragraph that synthesizes the main points and provides closure?
  4. WriteComplete a thorough peer review for at least two of your classmates in which you respond to the above seven (7) questions.  And remember that you will not receive credit for posting a peer review unless you have posted your own draft in this interactive peer-review workshop.  Post each review by replying to the writer’s post in the forum. Choose an essay that has either not yet been reviewed or that has only one review so far. Offer as much feedback as possible:
    • Give advice on how to make the changes you suggest.
    • Be specific!
  5. Post one original post (with your essay draft), and reply to at least two of your classmates. In your replies to peers, give your peers specific feedback on their essays as outlined above. Point out strengths. Ask questions and give pointers to help them improve further. Refer specifically to the resources provided in this module.
  6. Don’t forget that your initial posting is due by the date listed in the Course Schedule. Please post over several days. Points will be lost if you post on only one day of the module.

See the Course Schedule and Course Rubrics sections in the Syllabus module for due dates and grading information. See the Grading and Evaluation section in the Syllabus module for general discussion expectations

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