Monitoring Employees on Networks

If an employer uses e-mail for personal matters during working hours it will obviously affect the work performance of the individual and eventually the whole workforce. Therefore the company should have a clear policy regarding the use of e-mail to limit how employees use the e-mail.

Organizations must be cautious about the employees’ use of e-mail because it might cause confidential matters to be disclosed to the public or competitors. An employ after leaving the organization can misuse the facility for spoiling the reputation of the company.

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Monitoring Employees on Networks
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What is the effect of instant messaging on organizational networks? What are the benefits and drawbacks of instant messaging in an organization?

Instant messaging plays a vital role in the organization’s crucial period. It can boost domestic and international networks to meet certain challenges or emergencies. The major advantage of instant messaging is that managers can effectively interact with their employees and vice versa. However, the instant message might lead to quick and faulty decisions without evaluating the real facts. In addition, it might also cause employees to pass messages for creating unfair coalitions that might damage the integrity of the organization.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of web pages and search engines used in an organization?

The technology will help an organization to collect information on various aspects to update its functions for being competent. It will also help organizations to learn about the latest developments and trends for designing new strategies.

Exceeding emphasis on the web might lead to unfair business competition that deviates the organization from its real ethical perspectives and objectives.

Should managers monitor employees’ e-mail and internet usages? Why or why not?

Managers should monitor the employees’ internet and e-mail usages during the working hours. If not, they might use the facility for their own personal interests and unethical business practices.

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