More Useful Comments

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: More Useful Comments. The area considered for the study is very convincing given its size that provides a diverse nature of the ecosystem. It is a perfect ground to analyze time and cost issues which are associated with sampling. Despite its large area, the peculiarity and the presence of the variety of species give the researcher a perfect opportunity for the analysis. The area also suits the study because the researcher is likely to incur challenges as they cannot literally count the population to be subjected to the in-depth analysis. This explanation and analysis is super and makes it easy to appreciate the work.

You did not mention some of the reasons behind the study. The author failed to extensively present the research problem. It may be tricky for the reader to appreciate what is being described in the paper. You need to remember that the most important part of a study is the problem statement. The question that a reader will ask includes. what is the purpose of the study? What is the problem? Why should it be solved? What solutions do you offer? Are there other studies on this? The questions on sustainability, reliability, and validity must also be considered. These sections are missing and the reader might not find a reason to comprehend the views in the paper.

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More Useful Comments
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Can you also present any argument that opposes the statement that you are presenting? What are they saying? And why are they opposing your points? It is only through these concepts that we get to understand and deduce a conclusion. There is no reasonable results and conclusion if there is no basis for the study. The paper should include views of those who oppose the sentiments in this paper and give a reason why your paper opposes their sentiments.

Your paper does not state the research objectives and aims of the study. Please remember that objectives and aims are fundamental to any study. They are the guiding principles in the analysis.&nbsp.

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