Mozart and Beethoven Musical Heritage.

 The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Mozart’s ability to deviate from this provided the listener with a welcome sense of surprise and emotions of the unexpected when listening to his works. All of these factors helped to add to the new and fresh flavor that Mozart’s music brought to his contemporary audience.

Likewise, in keeping with his ability to bend and/or break the rules of music, Mozart combined many different styles of music into his pieces, drawing from the breadth and range of contemporary and historical works to augment his ideas.

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Mozart and Beethoven Musical Heritage.
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Question 3)

Sonatas generally begin with an introduction. This is shortly followed by an exposition that explores a series of themes. Following this is the development of harmony and texture of the exposition. After a sometimes lengthy development, the piece refers back to a recapitulation of the original exposition. Afterward, the sonata is oftentimes concluded by a coda.

For instance: Mozart’s Sonata in C Major, K309

Question 4)

1 – Elimination of orchestral introduction in the concerto

2 – Introducing new themes interwoven in the harmony of primary or secondary themes

3 – Developing new themes late in the piece as opposed to immediately presenting all that the piece has to offer to the listener

Beethoven’s third piano concerto is interesting in the fact that it also broke many of the musical norms that existed at his time. What is of special interest in this piece, in particular, is the range and modality of the minor keys that are exhibited therein. For instance, the first movement of the piece begins in c minor, the second movement progresses to E major, and the third is in Eb major. What is unique about this is the fact that it is yet another example of how Beethoven broke the “rules” of composition and music as they existed in the 18th century.

Instead of adhering to the rigid structure that defined the concerto, Mozart was able to break out from this and develop upon ideas that had not been previously explored. Although to us, his music is nothing new, to the audiences of that time, the piece was pushing the boundaries of convention. Likewise, as a direct result of his practices, Beethoven helped to shift the dynamic of how music was played and composed by his contemporaries as well as those that came after him. In this way, the vision that he expresses in Piano Concert no. 3, as well as many others, helped to move the development of music in a rapid and entertaining way.

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