Multi-agency treatment

The challenge starts with the fact that they often work with various members of society such as children, adults and the elderly who has mental problems. They help these people not only in giving medical treatment and recovery programs but they also help these people regain their lost lives by helping them go back to work and preparing them mentally for life’s opportunities. They also help in the procurement of jobs specifically designed from them and also follow-up maintenance therapy of these patients in their homes. They also aid in finding these people suitable homes in a hope to rehabilitate them, since a problematic household and work environment can create stress to these people and may enable them to get back to their voices or be depressed again.

These efforts of the mental health nurse are best realized with the help of various disciplines which help in the recovery of the mental patient. We call this effort a collaborative work of multi-agencies in developing a treatment and care plan for these patients. In the case of mental patients, a collaborative effort is really needed between physicians, mental health workers, social workers, occupational therapists, work agencies, insurance companies, and housing agencies to make the lives of these mental patients functional.

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Multi-agency treatment
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After the case presentation, we shall discuss the importance and the role of multi-agencies in creating a treatment, understanding and care plan to help these unfortunate victims of drug abuse. Later on we shall also tackle the role of mental health nurses as members of this collaboration in relation to nursing practice and guidelines.

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