Myasthenia gravis symptoms

A 30-year-old woman was found to be having problems with her vision with droopiness in her eyes. It was found that the woman was also suffering from fever and dysphagia. She had a previous history of easy fatigability of muscles with problems in walking. Moreover, it was also seen that the woman was not able to speak properly on several occasions showing signs of stammering. The woman was recommended a physical examination so as to check any problem or disorder with the muscles. Through the physical examination, it was found that the woman was suffering from ptosis and diplopia. This showed that the woman may be suffering from an autoimmune disease and thus she has directly referred a serology test. The serology test did not yet show positive results for any sort of myasthenia gravis and thus she was finally recommended an ultimate test of Edrophonium Test. This test concluded that the woman was suffering from low levels of acetylcholine at the muscular junctions and thus the woman is suffering from myasthenia gravis. An end test to check with the problem of mediastinum and thymus is also done. This test is usually Computed Tomography (CT) (Mink et al 1978).

Myasthenia Gravis is an autoimmune disease which greatly affects the muscles of the body. Thus the eminent sign for myasthenia gravis can be highlighted to be the fatigability of the muscles. Firstly the patient suffers from a stroke of weakness usually with the extraocular muscles of the body. This leads to the dropping of eyelids which is known as ptosis or at times double vision too which is known as diplopia. These symptoms are however are not necessary to be present at preliminary stages. The first sign can be for myasthenia gravis is that the person starts feeling weak. It is common for the patient to have different strokes of weakness throughout the day depending on the time. In some patients, it is noted that the weakness increases in the evening.

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Myasthenia gravis symptoms
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