National occupational standards for level

Particularly, National occupational Standards for Community Development and Learning, and Youth Work recognize the full breadth and length of the activities that the youth undertake. The outline and describe competency statements that list the knowledge, behaviors, skills, and understanding necessary and important for any activity undertaken by a youth. They are underpinned by a set of agreed morals and values, as well as a major purpose statement. These standards describe goo youth practice and provide employers with a benchmark for competence and experience that their workforce requires. With regard to community development and learning, these standards determine areas that are of common interest and activity and are aimed at supporting public sector development. The recognize skills that are transferrable and outline best practices that will enhance opportunities for individuals in the community’s development and learning sector. The National Youth Agency (2001) aims at representing the work and activities of the youth in its entirety, not the individual contributions of youth workers. This report, therefore, observes that the work by the youth is understood conventionally as being, at its core, about the youth’s social and personal development. It further suggests that it is up to the youth workers to ensure that they are able to encourage young people to be not only creative but also critical about their world experiences . most importantly, they must be concerned with how young people fair and feel, instead of just being concerned with what they know (Merton, B. and Wylie, 2002).

As a youth worker with experience with various relationships with the youths, commitment to care is what has been central.&nbsp

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National occupational standards for level
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