Need an research paper on article review. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on article review. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Health related issues are under constant research and scrutiny. In order to present a point of view regarding health it is imperative to present it with proper data. Many articles are published in different journals, magazines and newspapers regarding health. It is difficult to keep track of all and it is equally difficult for the writers to get the attention of the readers. In order to be a good article it is necessary for the writer to present facts and figure in as simple language as possible. The article under review was authored by Peter P. Egeghy, Rogelio Tornero-Velez, and Stephen M. Rappaport, who are part of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at the School of Public Health, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. The study, entitled “Environmental and Biological Monitoring of Benzene during Self-Service Automobile Refueling”, was an attempt to quantify benzene exposure and uptake in the general public. The purpose of the article is to create awareness among the people regarding Benzene exposure. It is a serious public health concern but the data regarding the health hazards are not available. It is also an attempt to educate the people how to avoid exposure to Benzene. The writers have presented their arguments in logical sequence. They are able to support their arguments with facts and figures. In order to obtain these facts the authors have adopted the self-administered monitoring technique. First of all they have discussed the amount of Benzene and its source. After this they have discussed about the effects of Benzene and how people are exposed to it. They have selected people most exposed to the Benzene and provided them with kits for collection of data. The details of the kit are given in order to make the study authentic and reliable. The writers have also compared the kits used in the study with other kits. They have conducted their study during July 1998 and March 1999 and samples were collected in three different seasons excluding winter season. The details about the subjects are also given in order to make the study more reliable and trustworthy. For making data more reliable the repeated measurements were taken. The process of conditioning the data and analysis are mentioned in detail. This detail includes the usage of different procedures and different apparatuses at different levels. This detail is supported by giving data in tables and charts. These details are helpful for experts and students. They also give authentication to the study. Form this writers come to the result obtained after the procedures adopted. First they give the sampling rate of Benzene in passive monitors used during the kit. Then they have given the detail of CO2 content in breath samples. The writers have also shown the data for the stability of the samples and the concentration level. After this the writers have mentioned about the variations among subjects and within subject. This is followed by the quantity of Benzene in breath and Benzene exposure. This is followed by the evaluation and estimate of the study by the writers. Under the heading of discussion the writers have discussed different aspects of their study and compared it with other conventional studies. They have acknowledged the fact that their study was simple but remarkably the results they have found are very close to other studies conducted.

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Need an research paper on article review. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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