Neuroanatomy of Leadership.

It is how aware a person is and how accurate he or she can assess his or her emotions. In such a case, it is significant for a person to take a step and think on the way they respond to situations and the way others respond to them (Perkins et al., 2012).


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It is the ability for a person to control his or her emotions (Perkins et al., 2012).

Social Awareness

It is a person’s organizations awareness that focuses on service to others and the recognition of their feelings (Perkins et al., 2012).

Relationship Management

It entails the development of others by playing the role of an inspiration leader and being a catalyst for change (Perkins et al., 2012).

Discuss how the feeling of leaders and subordinates interact with each other.

First, the connection between the two is significant for business. It is because. majority of subordinates views a business via the eyes of their leaders. Regarding feelings, the imperative aspect, which determines the interaction, is the personality attributes and emotional intelligence between the two. For instance, in a work environment, individuals will interact well with leaders that have the same traits as theirs, in addition to emotional intelligence (Goleman, 2013).

What are some examples of questions that qualitative methodologies can address?

Why is emotion leadership not common among the current breed of leaders?

Why is qualitative research the preferred methodology in the given study?

What are effective characteristics of a strategic leader?

What do you mean by saying that emotion leadership attributes is a precondition for any leader that wants his or her subordinates focus on a common task?What are the four techniques that good interviews should aim to use?

Open and closed questions

Such technique receives a very short response and in most cases, the respondent has the prior knowledge concerning what he or she is asked.

Probing Questions

It enables an individual seek more details or additional information regarding a certain problem.

Rhetoric questions

Such questions do not always require a response, for they are statements framed in a question form and a person uses them because they engage the listener.

Leading Questions

In such a case, leading questions leads respondents to the way the person asking the question thinks.


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Goleman, D. (2013). Primal leadership: Unleashing the power of emotional intelligence, with a new preface by. S.l.: Harvard Bus Review Press.

Perkins, Dennis N. T., Holtman, Margaret P., Kessler, Paul R., and McCarthy, Catherine (2012). Leading at the edge: Leadership lessons from the extraordinary saga of Shackletons Antarctic expedition. New York: AMACOM.

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