Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length. A person must fulfill the needs at the bottom of the ladder before gratifying those at the top. In the hierarchy, the most fundamental needs of human beings are the psychological needs that include food, water, shelter, air, and sleep (Maslow, 2013). The next needs include safety, esteem, belonging and love, and self actualization.

Maslow then postulates that once human beings have satisfied their psychological needs, they move up to gratify their want for security and safety. After finding security, they then find friends who love and accept them in their lives. This satisfies the third hierarchy, which is the need for love and belonging (Lester, 2013). The last need that individuals seek is that of self actualization. This is the level where human beings strive to maximize their education, career, and achievements in the community to earn respect from others. Maslow (2013) argues that this is the last phase of the hierarchy because it is in it that people achieve their maximum potential.

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Sigmund Freud, on the other hand, developed a theory of development known as psychoanalytic development. Freud postulates that humans develop in four stages. In the first stage when children are born until they reach two years, they mainly focus on eating and breastfeeding through the mouth (Hoffman, 2010). Freud argues that it is at this stage that sexual desires develop when children love their mothers who are always close to them and feed them. while they dislike their fathers who keep a distance from them. In the next stage that is known as the sadistic-anal phase when children are between two and four years, the researcher argues that children concentrate on discovering how the society requires them to conduct the elimination process (Newman, B., & Newman, P., 2007). This is the process where children go to the toilet and excrete waste from their bodies.

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