New York as a Magnificent Catastrophe

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: New York as a Magnificent Catastrophe. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Large companies were also called on board to solve this menace over the years, to build and to assist the government to upgrade these housing units. The government and those in the housing sector continue to address the different issues challenging them in this sector to date. (

A story captured in the New York Times of a couple whose basement was destroyed by city officials only tells to what extent the problem has escalated in the recent past. Illegal conversions have been purported to be crimes as the victims pay dearly. In the case of the Sarkars, they lost tenants, paid fines and destroyed the unit they had converted and upgraded for their tenant. City inspectors have been seen to use force to evict and destroy cellars and basement apartments as it is against the law to live in such. Reasons given to these include safety and health issues. (Navarro, 2013)

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New York as a Magnificent Catastrophe
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The question, therefore, is how do we reform the policy to fit and incorporate all stakeholders in this struggle? Different stakeholders have views on what to be done to make this situation bearable for all.

The already existing plans fail to capture the needs of everyone. Therefore not everyone is entitled to a house. This presents a great challenge to many New Yorkers who cannot afford legal housing units, thus opt for the illegal housing units.

This body is put in a tricky situation as it is not concerned with regulating the population increase but also are in a position to improve the situation of homeless people by supporting the amendment of the policy.

The client should learn that there are several opposing views regarding the legalization of basement apartments. Nevertheless, safety must be the number one priority, protecting the public is what matters in this scenario. In addition, financial assistance has to be provided to cater for the needs of individuals.

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