Nominating a Musician for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Write 2 pages with APA style on Nominating a Musician for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I. An introduction (i.e. a greeting, explanation of who you are and what your credentials are, and the of the person you are nominating Rock and roll is a way of life and despite the intermittent ebb and flow of the music trend of which Rock and Roll now suffers a nadir, I am still living the music. I may not be famous as a rock star but I breathe rock and roll. I nominate out of love for the music that those who contributed and share the influence of the rich tradition and genre of Rock may be remembered and honored that their music may continue to live on.

II. A description of the performer and music&nbsp.

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Nominating a Musician for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
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Without argument, if there is a rocker who represented his generation through his music, that would be Kurt Donald Cobain (February 20, 1967&nbsp.–&nbsp.April 5, 1994) an American singer-songwriter, musician and artist of the highest caliber who articulated the angst, anxiety, frustration and untold aspiration of his generation. He was first noticed in the music scene with the anger of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from its second album&nbsp.Nevermind&nbsp.(1991) and departed with the challenge of In Utero (1993).

III. Reasons why he should be inducted&nbsp.

Kurt Cobain belonged to Generation X, the generation who was labeled an X for the utter lack of description that encapsulate that era. This generation however was given a voice, whose language was spoken through the band of Cobain’s Nirvana which was labeled as “the flagship band” and spokesperson of his generation, the Generation X. The genre of grunge, with its raw deliverance was given an art and emotion by the genius of its spokesperson, Cobain.

IV. Conclusion&nbsp.

Kurt Cobain may have suffered the addiction to heroin and committed suicide. But it cannot be denied that his music has a far reaching influence beyond his generation. The genius of his Utero (1993) is a masterpiece that even the generation after him wondered of its genius.

He truly lived the life of rock which includes the internal tumult that compels an artist to create. His life, though not openly shared, was communicated through his music not only during his time but also the succeeding generation that followed his. He may have lived short in the music industry, but not short enough to make his mark.

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