Nuremberg laws: Legal and Historical analysis.

. Your paper should be a minimum of 5000 words in length. nstitution that existed and then ceased to exist in order to give rise to the power of the Fuhrer and eventually, the laws that legalized the murder of the Jews in Germany.

In order to understand why Adolf Hitler would want to gain political and legal backing to “cleanse” Germany of the Jews, there must first be a familiarity with the personal connection of Hitler to the Jewish people and how this personal connection and ideologies could have led to his anti-Semitic fanaticism that he successfully infected a great majority of the pure blooded German population with. There are some theories that Hitler grew up in a community that was headed by an anti-Semitic mayor whose ideologies influenced the young Hitler. There are rumours that he was bullied by Jewish children as a child. But the most popular and perhaps provable of these beliefs was that he used the Jews as a scapegoat for the failures of Germany during World War I. He saw them as the enemy because in his mind, they caused the end of the rule of the German monarchy and the economic hardships of the German people during the aftermath of the war, the Jews being the owners of banks and lending institutions at the time. The Jews were at the time, considered to be some of the most financially stable and affluent members of the German society.

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Nuremberg laws: Legal and Historical analysis.
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What is more amazing about the story of the Nuremberg Laws and the rise of Hitler to power is that he was not German himself. He was born Austrian and only grew up in Germany where his ideologies were shaped. For someone who was not born a German to be a purist is something that continues to boggle the mind of Hitler experts and scholars to this day.

Prior to the installation of Adolf Hitler as the Fuhrer and ultimate dictator of Germany and leader of the Nazi party, the Germans, Jews, gypsies, and other races existed in harmony and cooperation within the land.

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