Nursing and palliative care

This can be achieved by impeccable assessment, and the early identification and treatment of not only pain, but also a range of other problems that might relate to psychosocial, physical and spiritual aspects.

Care for dying patients has continued to remain a very fundamental aspect of nursing. As patients shift from a state where they are observed to be sick to that in which they are described as dying, it is principally the nurses who are tasked with the day-to-day duty of helping and supporting these patients and their families in their attempts to try and successfully live with the social, psychological, spiritual and physical consequences of a patient’s illness. When patients reach a state of terminal illness, the independent and autonomous dying role that they assume forces that there be a complementary shift on the part of the doctor and nurse. This is because the role of the doctor is primarily centered on curing and treatment. however when attempts at curing and treatment fail, the supportive and caring role that is played by nurses becomes increasingly more dominant as a patient dies. Despite the commitment that nurses have towards the fulfillment of their roles in /hospice care, there are however some negative factors that greatly inhibit the provision of good quality care by these nurses. This paper will seek to show that nurses play an important role in hospice care and the concerns inhibiting nurses from attending to this role need to urgently be addressed.

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Nursing and palliative care
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The important role that is played by hospice care nurses cannot be over emphasized. These nursing professionals bring in what is noted to be a unique set of qualities and skills that greatly enhance the overall support and care that is provided to patients facing the end of life. These nurses also serve the crucial role of supporting the families of their patients as well as the communities that support them.

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