Nursing theory.

 An abstract is required. Nursing Theory Nursing Theory STTI is a society that honors the profession of nursing and leaders in the profession, it is functionalin more than 90 nations, the society helps its members in acquiring information, scholarships and knowledge about the services that nurses should provided for the wellbeing of people throughout the world (STTI, 2012). AHRQ is a home based research institution that has gained specialization in various important aspects of healthcare (AHQR, 2012). These aspects include: improvement of quality care, efficient and effective results of the process of care, practiced that is based on clinical conditions and technological advancements in the field of nursing. JBI is a research institute located within the University of Adelaide in the region of Southern Australia. it is a non profit research area and is a member based organization (JBI, 2012). The purpose of the organization is to work in collaboration with 70 international entities for the expansion and support of health car system and health care services provided throughout the world. These three organizations are very essential for the development and the progress of the profession of nursing. These facilities provide services of research and development to the profession of nursing and these institutes promote the notion of high quality health care services through their research activities. These organizations have even taken the responsibility of bring technological advancements to the health care systems throughout the world in order to provide effective and efficient means of treatment to patients. All these organizations are very important for the future of the profession of health care and the well being of individuals throughout the world.


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