Nutrition and Specific Health Issues

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Nutrition and Specific Health Issues. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Though the mechanism is not fully understood empirical evidence does suggest that whey protein is helpful in the reduction of obesity and preventing type II diabetes. Empirical evidence also suggests that whey protein helps reduce cardiovascular risk in general.

Whey is a protein that is derived from milk and cheese. Protein is the basic building block of human cells and that is why it is one of the important constituents of food necessary for growth and sustenance of the human body. It is also widely known that protein is necessary to build muscle mass of the body. however, the latest research suggests that whey is beneficial for those who are obese. Obesity is a major issue across the globe and the US in particular. It has been estimated that over one-third of the adult population and almost 17 percent of children are suffering from obesity. Obesity leads to type II diabetes and cardiac issues in life. Blood fat levels in obese adults get affected by the kind of protein they consume during the meal. Other research studies done in the past have already indicated that whey protein reduces fat levels and enhances insulin production that, in turn, helps reduce blood sugar levels. In order to further verify the previous findings, the researchers, in this study, chose different proteins such as why, gluten, casein, or cod and fed them to the participants. Lower levels of fatty acids and higher levels of amino acids after meals were reported in the blood of those participants who were fed with whey proteins.

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Nutrition and Specific Health Issues
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The study indicates the heart benefits that whey consumption imparts in some populations. In one of the study, done by researchers from Washington State University, it has been found that those who consume whey supplements are benefitted by a six-point reduction in blood pressure. Those who never had any problems with hypertension were not affected at all. It has already been shown that a decrease in blood pressure not only lowers the chances of stroke by 35-40 percent but also reduces cardiovascular risk.

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