Organisational effectiveness

 It can be said that effectiveness translates into productivity where its absence can be projected in failure like, employee absenteeism and turnover, conflicts, performance instability and communication breakdown (Kaplan & Norton, 1996). Organizations that enjoy the benefits of effective organization for instance display features such as maximized output, lowered costs and advancement and excellence in technology.

There are several methods of assessment techniques that can be adopted to determine the level of effectiveness that an organization is operating at. The varied methods can be as many as there are researchers in this field. Used at different times of necessity, the approaches target a different point of view on the organization (Cameron & Whetten, 1983). A few of these approaches are discussed in the paragraph below.

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Organisational effectiveness
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When goal approach is adopted, the management attaches critical importance to the output or results that are achieved at the end of operational timeline (NCCI, 2007). The achieved output level is a measure of effectiveness in a proportionate relationship. Assessment could also be done using internal process approach where favourable results are deemed to emanate from the vital processes that are used to make transformations on input to achieve goals. Features of management such as coordination as well as employee welfare are given the centre stage in this approach. Ideally, output is the result of management and organization that is used to transform input towards achievement of goals. Alternatively, the system resource approach puts much emphasis on the acquisition capability of raw materials and other important resources from the environment that the organization has (NCCI, 2007). Effectiveness is attached to the efficiency of the first stage of operation which involves input.

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